Custom LongBows


I offer a range of custom, handcrafted longbows, one piece and takedown recurves. Currently all bows have bamboo as core laminations as it is dimensionally stable, predictable and high performance. Extreme pride and care is taken to craft every bow and all bows carry a 12 month written warranty and are supplied with custom fastflight strings and are all designed to shoot off the shelf.

Please see below for a list of bow types and custom extras. 

I have owned over 16 bows including Hoyt, Bear and Samick, however Razor bows are by far the best bows I’ve shot. They are beautiful, accurate, fast, and of the best quality. In 2015 my custom Razor helped me take the SA state title in my division. In my opinion they are second to none!
— Matt, SA



From $500

Flat laid limbs with non-standard grip.


From $500

Glass backed, straight laid limbs with Howard Hill style grip.

Reflex / Deflex

From $600

Available in 64", 66" and 68". Includes bow stringers.  


From $750

Includes bow stringers and Allen key.

Option 1: Straight accent (top)
Option 2: Flared accent (additional cost) (bottom)

Flat Laid Longbow (Pistol Grip)

Available in 64", 66" and 68".

One Piece Recurve

From $600

Available in 58" NTN. Includes bow stringers. 

Self Bow (All Wood)

Available on special order. Please contact for more information.

Example photo is an Osage self bow 50# @ 28''



I offer a range of custom extras available for your Razor bow. Please contact me and I can create a custom longbow to suit you.

  • Australian and imported timbers
  • Coloured fibre glass (black as standard) - Light grey, dark grey, green, dark green, light brown, dark brown, black, white and red
  • Clear fibre glass on either belly or back
  • Veneers
  • Laminations
  • Antler bolts and overlays (depending on model)
  • Faux snakeskin


Bows Currently available

Occasionally I will have a few bows in stock, built and ready to go. I may also have used bows or trade ins.

Please see below for details.


58" One Piece Recurve

This is a one piece 58'' recurve and a reproduction of a Bear Grizzly, a bow design mostly unchanged for decades.

It has a 'static' tip, meaning tip section remains mostly still or 'static' during the draw cycle. It acts a little like a lever to add thrust to release. These type of bows have a power stroke which is a bit different to conventional recurves as the power comes on very early in the draw and remains steady for most of the draw. They make a great hunting bow with their shorter length and more aggressive draw. It has Black Wattle riser with brown glass on back and white glass on belly.


58'' NTN and 55# @ 28''


$550 posted on East Coast (normally $600 + post).
Please contact for more information or if you are interested.