Timber Types

I use a number of Australian and imported timbers. 


Australian Timbers

Riser and veneer timbers are listed below (click image for larger view). Laminations are bamboo unless specifically requested otherwise, however supplies are limited. All timbers are subject to availability. Please contact for options or if you have any questions.


Red Box

Deep reddish colour. Dense grain.
Heavy wood.

Black wattle

Beautiful timber with many colour variations ranging from deep brown to creamy tan.
Moderate heavy.

Hairy Oak

Stunning timber mainly rich red / brown colour with contrasting 'dashes' of darker colour marking.
Moderate heavy.

Silver Ash

Mainly used as contrasting accent with colours ranging from silvery white through to yellow. Close grained.
Light / moderate weight.



Celery Top Pine

A yellowish wood mainly used as accent pieces.

Burdekin Plum

Premium timber of dark chocolate hue often with swirling patterns of lighter browns.

Tasmanian Blackwood

Used in risers and is varying shades of brown ranging from dark brown to a creamy colour.

Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras

Light main colour with varying patterns of darker 'grain'.
Moderate weight.




All timbers subject to availability (click image for larger view). Please contact for options or if you have any questions.


Osage Orange

Vivid yellow often with darker grain swirls. Will darken to deep rich brown with exposure to sunlight. Heavy wood.


Red / brown timber with swirling grain pattern. Light/ moderate weight.

Purple Heart

Deep reddish purple with interesting grain. Will darken to brown on sun exposure. 

PNG Walnut

Light colour with dark mottled grain patterns. Lightweight



Ebony (on special order)

Ebony is extremely rare - Only available on on special request. Please contact me for more information on Ebony timber.

Other (as supply dictates)

I may have other timbers available for a limited time. Please visit my Facebook page or contact me for more information.




I offer a range of custom extras available for your Razor bow. Please contact me and I can create a custom longbow to suit you.



  • Australian and imported timbers
  • Coloured fibre glass (black as standard) - Light grey, dark grey, green, dark green, light brown, dark brown, black, white and red
  • Clear fibre glass on either belly or back
  • Veneers
  • Laminations
  • Antler bolts and overlays (depending on model)
  • Faux snakeskin